Third time’s the charm?

Temple Grandin

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So many things to say and so little time. I promise I will update on our lives soon.

In the meantime, I came across this article on the HBO movie “Temple Grandin” starring Claire Danes (I adore My So-Called Life) and wanted to share.

What an amazing woman!


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Lots of giveaways going on and I want in! Help yourself, peeps!

McMama is giving away an HP Touchsmart.

And Kelly is too!

Boo Mama has one as well.

So is Stephanie.

As well as Nie Nie.

The verdict

Posted in Uncategorized by mimi4now on October 29, 2009

We got our response in the mail today. The recommendation is to uphold our license revocation.

And that’s OK.

The main issue was my daughter’s charge and plea to her altercation with her step-monster almost two years ago. According to statute (and I completely understand), there hasn’t been enough time  that has passed, thereby she is a potential threat to any children placed with us.

The best news? Every other point that they flung at us was reversed by the judge. Little ol’ me, representing myself against the county attorney, made a judge see OUR side. I am proud of that. I took each point and went at it respectfully and was able to have the judge understand.

Really. I’m very proud of that.

I call this a victory. Maybe someday I’ll share the exact words the judge wrote, because it’s awesome.

30 days

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Today marks 30 days since our foster license hearing. The judge told me we would have our decision within 30 days.

Guess who hasn’t heard anything.

I am 99% sure of the outcome, but that darn 1% gives me hope still. It’s not like I want to continue the relationship we had any longer with our county, but I still want to help somehow. Mentoring is great, but we’re limited in what we can do simply because of the licensing issue. If we had a resolution, we could work on alternatives.

So we wait.

A plea for help

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fleeces_wildlife_bgThis is impossible to find, so I’m taking it to the intertubes. Grace came to us with this blanket — the Eagle blanket. This goes with her everywhere and she absolutely loves this blanket.

Last week, she “decorated” it with nail polish. I cannot get all of the nasty stuff out of the blanket.

So I’ve been on a search to find this eagle blanket. I located teh company that makes them but they don’t sell directly. Supposedly they supply Wal.greens and C.VS stores. I checked online at both and no one has it. I’ve searched every big box retailer in our area and it doesn’t exist.

So I’m pleading with strangers. If you find this blanket — new, used, whatever — please let me know. We need a new one. Please?


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I know I’ve been rather quiet lately. I’ve been scared to blog, as we had our license revocation hearing a few weeks ago and I didn’t want to jinx anything. We don’t have our official answer yet, so I can’t update you much on that.

I can say that Grace is still here. We’re waiting for some additional paperwork and then we should have our court date. We went before the courts once already (when we found out we were missing information) and don’t anticipate any additional issues.

I can also say that I’m still mentoring the “new girl.” I like her, I really do (to channel Sally Field) and hope that our relationship can continue to grow.

Our food hoarder has been doing extraordinarily well. No issues at school, no five-finger discounts. He’s doing great!

Our resident cheerleader is just as airy as ever. Perfect example: Driving in the car yesterday she blurts out “I wonder why I cross my legs.” Huh? Okay. Other than not submitting her homework, she is also doing very well.

Toddler boy, who’s no longer anywhere near a toddler, will be getting assessed for anxiety and ADD in the coming weeks. I know he’s struggling with those things, so I was expecting this anyway. A clear diagnosis will help get him the resources he needs.

Bio daughter is doing well. For now. At any given moment, her mood can and does change, but at this exact moment in time, she is happily playing video games with her siblings. She must be winning. She started high school this year and we’ve seen her anxiety increase, so we’re adjusting things to work with that and it seems to be going well.

Respite daughter is a senior. There are days I cannot believe she’s that old and dread the day she turns 18 and/or graduates as she says she’s going to move in with her boyfriend. And then there are days I am ready to pack her up and give her a ride over there. Pretty normal stuff, I guess.

Me? I’ve been in a funk. I think the events of the past year have really taken a toll on me and I am trying to find new ways to energize myself. This lousy rainy weather has not helped in any way, but I keep on keeping on. It is getting better, that much I know.

When we get our licensing issues officially resolved, whether we keep our license or not, I will be blogging like I used to in the good old days. But until a decision is handed down, I’ll probably stay a little quiet.

A day in the life

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Today I stopped in at the “men’s mall” — also known as Fleet Farm — to pick up a couple of jugs of oil for the vehicles. I was standing in line at the check out holding my box o’ oil and the gentleman in front of me was getting ready to have his items rung up.

bbI noticed he was holding a box that said “Red Ryder BB Gun.”

Being the smarty pants I am, I of course leaned in and said to him, “Watch out, kid. You’ll shoot your eye out.”

Family needed

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Please keep this family in your prayers.

Spare change

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We have six kids at home. We have a seven-seat van. Whenever we go anywhere, even to church which is only a mile away, we have to take two vehicles. Everywhere.

We have been searching and searching for a van that seats eight. After a lot of hard work, we found one.


A big but (and not just mine).

We finally found a great vehicle that will hold all of us and is within our budget (we are swapping out hubby’s leased truck) … and we can’t afford the down payment. This vehicle came through at probably what is the worst possible financial time for us. The dealership has it on “hold” hoping we can figure out how to come up with a “spare” $2500. Sure. Just let me check the bottom of my purse.

I feel like a kid looking into a toy store and the doors are all locked.

Finally, a celebrity adopts a “special needs” child

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Katherine Heigl Introduces Baby Naleigh

Originally posted Thursday September 17, 2009 04:00 PM EDT

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley and daughter Naleigh Photo by: Cheyenne Ellis / AP
FIRST LOOK: Katherine Heigl Introduces Baby Naleigh

Meet Katherine Heigl’s new baby, Naleigh.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress and husband Josh Kelley have released the first photos of their daughter, a special-needs child they adopted from South Korea, on Heigl’s fundraising site.

“She was actually born the day before me in November, which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign,” Heigl, 30, said when announcing the news of her adoption on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week.

In addition to four intimate photos of the family, the site explains that Naleigh is just a nickname for Nancy Leigh – named after Heigl’s mother Nancy and Heigl’s sister Margaret Leigh.

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